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Truffles are edible fungi which grow underground, usually around the roots of oak trees. Truffles are found in many parts of the world but the most highly prized come from the Perigord in France. Next in estimation are the white truffles from Piedmont in Italy.

Truffles from other countries are usually bought canned either as whole, small truffles or peelings or pieces. The juice they are canned in can be used in recipes. The peelings can also be used in sauce but must be removed before serving.

Truffles are added to a dish they need to be left in the ingredients for several hours to allow the perfume to permeate through the food.

Uses for Truffles

Truffles can be put into terrines or pates. They can also be cooked to flavour pork or placed under the skin of a poached chicken. Madeira Sauce benefits from the addition of a few truffles.

How to make truffle sauce:


1oz can truffle pieces
4 tablespoons Port
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Mix Truffles with the port and allow to stand for half an hour. - Add the Truffle and Port mixture to the pan juices from roast meat. - Add stock and simmer to reduce. - Serve Truffle sauce with the meat.

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