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How to make a traditional English breakfast:
Fried eggs and bacon, once the national breakfast in England is nowadays usually reserved for a Sunday morning treat. This is probably because very few people no engage in manual labor and the ingredients for this breakfast are no longer as cheap as they used to be. There is also now the concern that too much saturated fat is not a good thing.


1-2 eggs per person
2-3 rashers bacon per person
mushrooms, wiped and peeled and stalks removed
tomatoes cut in half
bread 1 slice per person
lard or oil for frying as preferred
black pudding, cut into slices as you require
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Use two large, heavy frying pans.
- Melt a small amount of lard in one and lay the bacon and black pudding in it.
- When the bacon and black pudding begin to cook, push them to one side in the pan and put the mushrooms in, adding a little more fat if necessary.
- Keep turning the bacon and black pudding, making sure they do not burn.
- When the bacon and black pudding are cooked to your liking, remove then onto a plate and put in a warm oven.
- Push the mushrooms aside in the pan and put in the tomatoes.
- In the other pan gently melt some more fat and break the eggs into it.
- As the eggs fry, flick fat over them to cook the top.
- Keep an eye on the mushrooms and tomatoes.
- The eggs should have a runny yolk and the whites should be set and a little frilly at the edges.
- Remove the mushrooms and tomatoes and put in the oven with the bacon and black pudding.
- Using a fish slice remove the eggs, taking care not to break them, and put them on a plate.
- Keep warm.
- Turn up the heat under the frying pan which the bacon was cooked in and fry the bread in it turning once.
- Dish all up onto individual plates and serve with tomato ketchup.