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How to make tea wine:
An unusual wine to make needing a minimum of ingredients and effort.


3 level tablespoons scented tea leaves
3lb granulated sugar
4 level teaspoon citric acid
1/2 level teaspoon ground ginger
12oz raisins or sultanas chopped
1 tablespoon warm water
1 sachet dried yeast for wine making
1/2 level teaspoon yeast nutrient
1 slice white bread, toasted until well browned, but not burnt
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Make the tea with 2 pints of boiling water.
- Allow to cool.
- Strain into a sterilised plastic bucket.
- Add 4 pints of water.
- Add 2lb of the sugar and the citric acid.
- Stir until the sugar has dissolved.
- Add the ginger and the sultanas.
- Mix the warm water, yeast and yeast nutrient together.
- Spread this onto the slice of toast and float it on top of the tea, yeast side up.
- Put the lid onto the fermentation bin.
- Leave to stand for 14 days without stirring.
- Dissolve the remaining sugar in half a pint of boiling water.
- Allow to cool.
- Strain the tea mixture into a sterilised demijohn and add the sugar syrup.
- Fit the demijohn with a cork and airlock and allow to ferment completely.