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This recipe is part of the July 2007 Recipes Menu

Starter - Tarragon Baked Eggs
Main Course - Sweet Crusted Gammon
Dessert - Macaroon Iced Parfait with Raspberries

How to make sweet crusted gammon:
A very impressive looking dish to serve for summer lunch or even for a formal supper. Nowadays you should be able to get gammon which is not too salty thanks to modern methods. At one time it would have been necessary to soak the gammon overnight in cold water in order to remove the excess salt from the brining process. The ideal accompaniments for this meat in the summer months are new potatoes and baby broad beans straight from the garden. Parsley sauce is the traditional accompaniment to gammon and tastes even better if made from freshly picked parsley. No quantities are given below because it depends on how many people you want to serve.


joint of gammon
Dijon mustard
Demerara sugar
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Cook the gammon at 20 minutes per pound at 180 degrees c.
- Remove from oven.
- Allow to cool a little.
- Remove the skin leaving the fat beneath in tact.
- Score the fat in diamond shapes.
- Spread the Dijon mustard all over the joint.
- Sprinkle the sugar over the mustard.
- Stud with cloves (1 per diamond shape)
- Increase oven temperature to 220 degrees C.
- Return gammon to oven for 20 minutes.
- Serve with new potatoes, broad beans and parsley sauce.