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How to make stewed rabbit:
Rabbit was introduced to Britain by the Normans who bred the animals in large, artificial warrens. Rabbit was a dish that was kept only for Nobility and Royalty. Later as rabbits naturalized throughout Britain and in spite of stringent poaching laws, rabbit eventually became a working mans meat. Traditionally this dish was served with a parsley sauce as well as the white sauce.


enough chicken stock or vegetable stock to cover
1 rabbit prepared for pot
bunch of herbs
1 pint milk
2 tablespoons flour
juice of half a lemon
4 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Wash, clean and joint the rabbit.
- Place in a large saucepan with the prepared vegetables and herbs.
- Cover with stock and bring to the boil.
- Simmer for 1-2 hours until tender.
- Make a white sauce with the butter, flour and milk.
- Carefully add the lemon juice and season well.
- Do not let the sauce boil again, just reheat.
- Serve the rabbit meat with the sauce garnished with fried bacon.