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This recipe is part of March 2007 Mother's Day Recipes Menu

Starter - Feta Tabbouleh in Radicchio Cups
Main Course - Haddock Thermidor
Dessert - St. Clement's Delight

How to make St. Clements Delight:
To finish off the Mothering Sunday menu here is an easy but very light dessert.


2 eggs
3oz caster/superfine sugar
½ tin of mandarin oranges
2 teaspoons orange squash
juice half lemon
3 level teaspoons gelatine
candied angelica, cut into shapes
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Drain fruit, make juice up to 6 fluid oz. with cold water
- Put the gelatine into a basin add 3 tablespoons of liquid and dissolve over hot water in a saucepan.
- Add the rest of the juice  to the gelatine.
- Add the orange squash to the gelatine
- Add the lemon juice to the gelatine.
- Separate the eggs.
- Whisk yolks, castor sugar till thick and creamy.
- Whisk in the gelatine.
- Leave to reach setting point.
- In the meantime whisk the whites of the eggs, stiffly, and fold into the gelatine mixture.
- Pour the mixture into glass dishes.
- Allow to set in fridge, decorate with oranges and diamonds of angelica prior to serving.