Dessert Recipes > Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

How to make simple strawberry ice cream:
A simple additive free traditional ice cream. Serves 4 - 6.


12 fluid oz double cream
3/4 cup icing/confectioner's sugar (to taste)
12 fluid oz fresh strawberries, mashed to a puree
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Whip the cream into the sugar until it becomes thick.
- Fold in the strawberry puree.
- Freeze in the freezer in an old ice-cream container for about 2 hours.
- Remove from the freezer, tip the contents into a bowl and beat lightly.
- Freeze for 2 more hours.
- Whip again and refreeze for 2 more hours.
- Serve with chilled chocolate mint sticks.