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How to make rhubarb wine:
A wine which would have been very familiar to country people in 19th century England.


10lb rhubarb (chosen at the height of the season)
2 gals. Of boiling water
16 cups sugar
1 lemon and 1 orange rind
small piece root ginger
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Do not skin the rhubarb.
- Wipe it clean with a cloth, then cut it into pieces as for stewing.
- Put it into a large pan and pour the boiling water over.
- Cover and leave to stand for 4 days.
- Strain off the liquid.
- To this add the sugar and stir well.
- Stand for 3 days, stirring daily.
- Pour the wine into a demijohn and add the fruit rinds and the root ginger.
- Leave for week to ferment.
- When the liquid ceased to froth, fermentation has finished and the demijohn may be tightly bunged.
- The wine should be left for at least 6 months.
- It may be strained into bottles.