Main Meal Recipes > Partridges with Cream Sauce

How to make partridges with cream sauce:
A Russian recipe to try.


2 partridges
4 level tablespoons butter
1 heaped tablespoon flour
1/4 pint double cream
juice of half a lemon
10-20 medium mushrooms
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Slice the mushrooms and stuff the partridges with them.
- Put half of the butter in the roasting tin and the other half on the partridges.
- Roast in a moderate oven for 15 minutes.
- Remove from the oven.
- Take the partridges out of the roasting tin.
- Cut the partridges in half.
- Make a sauce by mixing the flour with the fat and juices in the roasting tin and stirring in the cream and lemon juice.
- Put the partridges back in the sauce in the tin and cook for another 15 minutes.