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How to make ginger beer:
A lovely traditional drink. Be careful when bottling as it is necessary to use bottles intended for home brewing (ginger beer can be quite gassy and can explode in the bottles!). If in doubt ask at your local brewing supplies shop for advice.


10 pints boiling water
1 1/4lb sugar
1oz root ginger, bruised
2 lemons
1/4oz cream of tartar
good tablespoon yeast, about 1oz
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Peel the lemons, making sure that all the white pith is removed.
- Cut into thin slices, discarding any pips.
- Put the lemon slices into a brewing bin.
- Add the sugar, ginger and cream of tartar.
- Pour on the boiling water.
- Cool until at blood heat.
- Stir in the yeast.
- Put a lid on the brewing bin and leave in a warmish place for 24 hours.
- Skim any froth from the surface and strain the beer.
- Bottle as preferred.
- Should be ready to drink in 2 days.