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Starter - Prawn Pastry Puffs
Main Course - Flanders Beef
Dessert - Ginger Syllabub.

How to make Flanders beef:
A beef recipe from the region of Europe known as Flanders. It is an excellent dish and could easily be cooked in a slow cooker.


1 1/2 lb chuck steak, trimmed and cut into 1 inch cubes
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 medium onions, peeled and sliced
4oz smoked streaky bacon, rinds removed, chopped
1 clove of garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons plain/all purpose flour
7 fluid oz brown ale
3 fluid oz beef stock
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
1 bouquet garni
salt and ground black pepper
2 teaspoons English mustard (of use a milder mustard if English is too potent)
vegetable oil for frying

for croutons:

2 large slice white bread, crusts removed, each cut into 4 triangles or squares
(see measure conversions for more information)


- In a large frying pan heat the oil and fry the meat until browned all over.
- Remove from pan and keep warm.
- Reduce the heat and fry the onions, bacon and garlic in the frying pan, stirring occasionally, until very lightly browned.
- Stir in the flour and mix well.
- Stir in the ale and stock, and bring to the boil, stirring.
- Return the meat to the pan and then add the remaining ingredients.
- Stir well, reduce the heat, cover and simmer gently over a low heat for 1 3/4 - 2 hours or until the meat is tender.
- Check seasoning.
- To make the croutons spread both sides of the bread triangles or squares with mustard.
- Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the croutons for a few seconds until they are evenly browned on both sides.
- Drain on absorbent paper.
- Use to garnish the beef.