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How to make cream cheese:
There is no reason why you can't make small amounts of cheese at home so give this a go and enjoy your own cream cheese.


1 pint cream
2 pints fresh full cream milk
1 tablespoons water
1 drop of rennet (if you use too much the cheese will be very dry)
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Heat the milk and cream to 64 degrees Fahrenheit (see temperature conversions) and then pour it into a large, shallow basin.
- Add the rennet to the water and stir this into the milk and cream mixture.
- Cover with a very clean cloth and leave at room temperature for 24 hours.
- It will thicken to the consistency of clotted cream.
- Line a large sieve with a piece of muslin or thin cotton cloth (again very clean).
- Place the sieve over a large bowl and using a slotted spoon put the curds into the cloth-lined sieve.
- Allow to drain for 24 hours.
- During the first two hours scrape the cheese away from the cloth a few time to aid drainage.
- After the 24 hours have elapsed add a little salt to the cheese, tasting it, and press the cheese into blocks of a convenient size.
- Wrap in greaseproof paper and keep in the fridge.
- Eat within 5 days.
- This cheese can also be flavoured with herbs like chives, garlic, sage, parsley etc.