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How to make coffee walnuts:
These delicious homemade fondant sweets can be served with coffee at the end of a meal. N.B. Be careful serving raw egg to vulnerable (i.e. the young and old).


pinch of cream of tartar
coffee essence to taste
3 cups icing/confectioner's sugar
white of 1 egg
12 drops of vanilla essence
a few shelled walnuts
1 tablespoon caster/superfine sugar
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Sift the icing sugar until free from lumps.
- Stir into it the cream of tartar and mix well.
- Beat the white of egg; add to half of it enough coffee essence to make it dark brown.
- Stir this into the sugar, also the vanilla; mix until evenly coloured, then add enough egg white to form very stiff dough.
- Knead to make it pliable.
- Next dip your fingers in icing sugar and form the paste into marbles.
- Press half a walnut on each side of each ball.
- Roll in caster sugar, shake free from superfluous sugar and place on greaseproof paper in a warm place to dry.