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How to make cheese sausage rolls:
A really nice twist to the humble sausage roll. These savoury snacks are made with a cheese-flavoured pastry. Delicious for lunch or supper.


8oz plain/all purpose flour
pinch salt
pinch cayenne pepper
4oz butter, cut into small pieces
2oz cheddar cheese, finely grated (or cheese of choice)
1 egg yolk, beaten
pinch dried mixed herbs
8oz pork sausagemeat
a little milk to glaze
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Sieve the flour, salt and cayenne pepper into a bowl.
- Add the butter and rub in until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs breadcrumbs.
- Stir in the grated cheese and egg yolk and form into a smooth dough.
- Roll into a ball, wrap in foil and chill in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour.
- Divide the dough in two and roll each piece out on a lightly floured surface.
- Roll into an oblong approx 4 inches wide.
- Mix the dried herbs into the sausagemeat, divide in two.
- Roll into two long sausage shapes using a little flour if the mixture is too sticky.
- Place the sausagemeat on the dough.
- Fold the dough over the sausage meat and seal the edges with a little milk.
- Brush the dough with milk.
- Cut into 1 to 2 inch lengths.
- Place the sausage rolls on a greased baking sheet.
- Bake at 200 degrees C. for 15 minutes.
- Reduce the heat to 180 degrees C. and bake for another 10 minutes or until brown and crisp.