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This recipe is part of the January 2007 Recipes Menu

Starter - Vegetable Samosas
Main Course - Braised Beef with Chestnuts and Celery
Dessert - Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake

How to make braised beef with celery and chestnuts:
Braised beef with celery and chestnuts is said to date from the 18th century. Chestnuts are quite unusual now in British cookery so this recipe is well worth trying.


18 fresh chestnuts, skins split and shelled
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 bacon rashers, remove rinds and chop bacon
2lb stewing steak, cubed
1 medium onion, skinned and chopped
1 tablespoon all purpose flour
1/2 pint brown ale
1/2 pint beef stock
pinch of freshly grated nutmeg
finely grated rind and juice of 1 orange
seasoning to taste
3 celery sticks, washed and chopped
chopped fresh parsley to garnish
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Cook the chestnuts in simmering water for about 7 minutes.
- Remove skins.
- Heat the butter and oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
- Brown the bacon and beef in the butter and oil mix.
- Add the onion and fry until softened.
- Sprinkle in the flour and stir for a couple of minutes.
- Stir in the brown ale, stock, nutmeg, orange juice and half the rind.
- Season to taste.
- Bring to the boil.
- Add the chestnuts.
- Place contents of the pan in a lidded oven-proof casserole and cook at 170oC/325oF/gas mark 3 for about 45 minutes.
- After 45 minutes add the celery to the casserole.
- Continue to cook for about 1 hour or until the meat is tender.
- Serve with remaining orange rind and parsley sprinkled over the top.