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How to make blackcurrant syrup:
Keep all the utensils very clean when making this recipe to avoid unwanted fermentation. Store carefully. This is a great cordial to have for the winter months. Can be used to make blackcurrant milkshake or blackcurrant toddy. The quantities used in this recipe can be decreased or increased providing the ratios are kept the same.


12 cups blackcurrants
15 cups Demerara sugar
12 cloves, bruised and put in a muslin bag
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Top and tail the blackcurrants.
- Put the cloves into a large container (not metal).
- Fill the container with alternate layers of blackcurrant and sugar.
- Cover to exclude air.
- Leave for six weeks then strain the liquid and bottle it.
- Close the bottles with cork or screw tops.
- This can be diluted with hot or cold water when needed.