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This recipe is part of the September 2010 Recipes Menu

Starter - Dutch Pea Soup
Main Course - Beef Vegetable Casserole
Dessert - Pumpkin Mini Cakes

How to make Beef and Vegetable Casserole:
This casserole made with a good braising steak will grace any dinner party. It is simple and quick to prepare and the long cooking time brings out the best in the meat.


Beef and Vegetable Casserole
1 1/2lbs braising steak, cubed, fat removed
1 heaped tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 medium sized onions, peeled and chopped
1 pint beef stock
2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced
2 sticks celery, chopped
2 tomatoes, skinned and chopped
4oz peas
1 small turnip, peeled and chopped
salt and pepper to taste
parsley to garnish
(see measure conversions for more information)


- Put the oil into a large pan.
- Roll the meat in the flour.
- Cook the onions and meat in the oil until the meat is browned.
- Stir in the beef stock.
- Bring to the boil.
- Add the carrots, celery and turnip.
- Season to taste.
- Transfer to a lidded ovenproof casserole.
- Cook in the oven at 170 degrees C. for about 2 hours or until the beef is tender.
- Add the tomatoes and peas about 20 minutes before the end of the 2 hours.
- Served garnished with parsley.