Standard basic recipes which form the basis of other recipes. This section includes a number of pastry recipes.

Alcoholic, non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks recipes including famous cocktails.

Recipes in this section include crumpets, English muffins, doughnuts and pizza base.

A comprehensive range of recipes from the British Isles such as Yorkshire Pudding and Lancashire Hot Pot.

Cake, cookie, biscuit and muffin recipes can be found in this section as well as a few savoury recipes.

Recipes for sweets, candies and lollies! See Cooking with Sugar for tips on this tricky process.

A popular section which includes a recipe and photos showing how to make the world famous Cornish Pasty.

Includes recipes for ice-creams, tarts, puddings, pies, cheescakes and more.

Recipes for Simnel Cake, Pashka, Hot Cross Buns and tips on how to colour your own easter eggs.

Recipes that can enhance the taste or look of other recipes. Includes sage and onion stuffing and candied angelica.

A wide range of meat based and vegetarian recipes which is added to on a monthly basis.

Recipes for well known and traditional sauces such as mayonnaise and cranberry sauce.

A great selection of soup recipes ranging from the well known to more adventurous ones.

Recipes to open up any meal. Many of the recipes are part of our monthly recipes menus.

Ideas for starters, main courses and desserts to be served on Valentine's Day.