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Although all the ingredients in these beauty recipes are natural, remember that it is still possible to be allergic to anything applied to the skin. DO NOT USE ANYTHING NUT BASED ON YOUR SKIN IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY. To test other ingredients make up a very small amount of the recipe you intend to use. Wash and gently dry a small patch of skin inside your elbow. Apply a little of the mix to the skin and leave for 48 hours. If you experience any redness or swelling DO NOT USE THE BEAUTY RECIPE AT ALL.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research before using any of the ingredients in these recipes since some ingredients should be avoided by certain groups of people. Mountain Rose Herbs' website has a wealth of information on herbs, their uses and possible side effects. Many essential oils and herbs should always be avoided by pregnant/nursing ladies. Always check with a qualified health advisor if in doubt.

Winter Blues & Valentines

Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs offers a wide range of dried herbs and spices.

February is a month of wind, rain and snow (for those in the northern hemisphere!). Colds and flu abound bringing red, sore noses and coughs. The cold weather adds to our discomfort by chapping skin on lips, cheeks and hands. However tempting , now is not the time to huddle indoors scoffing too much comfort food (you'll regret it in the summer!). There are forms of exercise that don't have to involve going out to the gym or jogging in the rain. Tai Chi is an excellent way of keeping joints supple, circulation brisk and stress levels low and best of all you can buy a book or dvd and do it at home. Further information see The Devon School of Tai Chi (external link).

Here are a couple of recipes to help combat the winter blues. Firstly a soothing homemade cream to protect lips from cold winds.

Lip Balm


1 tablespoon cocoa butter
4 teaspoonss beeswax
2 teaspoons wheatgerm oil
2 teaspoons avocado oil
2 drops calendula essential oil
2 drops chamomile essential oil


- Put all the ingredients except the two essential oils into a heatproof basin.
- Place over a pan of simmering water.
- Allow to melt.
- Remove from heat and stir in the essential oils.
- Pour into small, clean jars.
- Allow to set.
- Store in the fridge.

This is a recipe for a soothing oil that helps ease that blocked up feeling in the nose if you do succumb to a cold.

Decongestant Soother


1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
1 drop eucalyptus essential oil
2 drops marjoram essential oil
2 drops cyprus essential oil


- Put all the ingredients into a brown glass bottle.
- Shake well.
- Put a little of this on a tissue and inhale gently.

Don't forget that February is also the month of romance (St Valentine's day is on the 14th). Just to get you in the mood you could try this lovely scented bath.

Romantic Bath


2 teaspoons dried rosemary
2 teaspoons dried lavender
2 teaspoons dried rose petals
1 teaspoon dried lemon verbena
1 teaspoon dried lovage
1 teaspoon dried marjoram
1/2 teaspoon dried orris root powder


- Mix all the ingredients and tie them securely in a small square of muslin.
- Add the little sachet to your bath and all the natural perfumes will flood out!
- Alternatively since the rose is the flower of love you could just float dried rose petals on your bath water for an added touch of luxury and romance.