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How to Keep Cool:


Although all the ingredients in these beauty recipes are natural, remember that it is still possible to be allergic to anything applied to the skin. DO NOT USE ANYTHING NUT BASED ON YOUR SKIN IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY. To test other ingredients make up a very small amount of the recipe you intend to use. Wash and gently dry a small patch of skin inside your elbow. Apply a little of the mix to the skin and leave for 48 hours. If you experience any redness or swelling DO NOT USE THE BEAUTY RECIPE AT ALL.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research before using any of the ingredients in these recipes since some ingredients should be avoided by certain groups of people. Mountain Rose Herbs' website has a wealth of information on herbs, their uses and possible side effects. Many essential oils and herbs should always be avoided by pregnant/nursing ladies. Always check with a qualified health advisor if in doubt.

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Feeling too hot can be very stressful. Perspiration is embarrassing and can ruin both hairstyle and makeup. Turning up at a job interview or social event with a bright red, flushed face is not a recipe for success.

Cotton clothes, although more difficult to buy nowadays, are invaluable for keeping cool. Man-made fibres can be a sticky nightmare in hot weather. It is better to keep the style of dress loose rather than close-fitting. Light colours, especially white, tend to deflect heat whereas dark colours absorb it and make you hotter than ever. Stick to pale coloured floaty cotton dressed for maximum coolness.

Shoes can be a problem in hot weather. Feet get sweaty and swell up making shoes smaller. the obvious result of this is blisters. Who hasn't gone to a wedding in summer in a pair of new heels and ended the day in absolute agony? Take a trusty pair of comfortable sandals to change into or "break in" a pair of moderate heels with open toes.

If underarm perspiration is a problem remove underarm hair (professional waxing is probably the best way) and for extra special occasions use a heavy duty anti-perspirant deodorant. Remember sweat can ruin clothes. If you prefer to use a natural salt type of deodorant it may be necessary to wash the armpits more than once on a really hot day and reapply the deodorant. Natural mineral deodorants do not address the problem of perspiration they only prevent it from smelling.

Handheld battery run fans are a boon and it is well worth popping one of two in your handbag. An ordinary paper fan is also wonderful for creating a cooling breeze. When travelling remember to take a bottle of water with you and a cool pad is also a very good idea.

Don't forget to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of the sun. Wear a high factor sun screen or even a sun block at all times on all exposed skin. A large brimmed sun hat will not only look good but will protect hair and face and keep you cool. However hot it gets with a little preparation you can look and fell fresh and comfortable. Stay cool and make the most of the summer weather.