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Getting A Good Nights Sleep:


Although all the ingredients in these beauty recipes are natural, remember that it is still possible to be allergic to anything applied to the skin. DO NOT USE ANYTHING NUT BASED ON YOUR SKIN IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY. To test other ingredients make up a very small amount of the recipe you intend to use. Wash and gently dry a small patch of skin inside your elbow. Apply a little of the mix to the skin and leave for 48 hours. If you experience any redness or swelling DO NOT USE THE BEAUTY RECIPE AT ALL.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research before using any of the ingredients in these recipes since some ingredients should be avoided by certain groups of people. Mountain Rose Herbs' website has a wealth of information on herbs, their uses and possible side effects. Many essential oils and herbs should always be avoided by pregnant/nursing ladies. Always check with a qualified health advisor if in doubt.

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There are times when it is difficult to get a good night's sleep. Stress, anxiety and noise all prevent you from dozing off at bedtime or wake you up in the early hours of the morning. You lay in bed getting more and more uncomfortable, the unpleasant thoughts or noises refusing to go away. The next thing you know it is time to get up and face the day unrefreshed and grumpy.

Most people need between seven and eight hours sleep each night. We all have to have a period of rest when the activities of the brain slow down. This is when healing and repairing of damaged and tired tissues can take place. During sleep the limbs and muscles relax and the skin smooths out while the body processes the nutrients that have been ingested during the day. The body chemistry is able to work on cell renewal and waste elimination while we are asleep.

If you find yourself getting more and more tense as bedtime approaches because you are dreading not being able to drift off you could try establishing a bedtime routine for yourself.

- Give yourself plenty of time to wind down before going to bed.
- Have a relaxing bath with lavender based products.
- Turn off the tv and read something soothing.
- Eat a light meal early in the evening.
- Take a milky drink (low cal if necessary) to bed with you.
- Make sure your bed is made nicely.
- Put blackout curtains or blinds at the window.
- Make sure the room is not too warm or too cold.

There are quite a few products that can help to improve the quality of your sleep:

Linen Fragrances
Hop Pillows or Lime Pillows
Ear Plugs