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Although all the ingredients in these beauty recipes are natural, remember that it is still possible to be allergic to anything applied to the skin. DO NOT USE ANYTHING NUT BASED ON YOUR SKIN IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY. To test other ingredients make up a very small amount of the recipe you intend to use. Wash and gently dry a small patch of skin inside your elbow. Apply a little of the mix to the skin and leave for 48 hours. If you experience any redness or swelling DO NOT USE THE BEAUTY RECIPE AT ALL.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research before using any of the ingredients in these recipes since some ingredients should be avoided by certain groups of people. Mountain Rose Herbs' website has a wealth of information on herbs, their uses and possible side effects. Many essential oils and herbs should always be avoided by pregnant/nursing ladies. Always check with a qualified health advisor if in doubt.

Concealers, Powders and Blushers

Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs offers a wide range of dried herbs and spices.

Foundation in liquid, cream or stick form can provide a good coverage for the skin on the face and neck evening out texture and colour. It can not always, however, cover significant blemishes such as spots, open pores, red veins, under-eye shadows or scars. Nor can it add rosy colour to the cheeks.

To cover blemishes which foundation leaves visible, especially when making-up for a special outing, concealer really is a must. It can be applied over or under foundation but it is probably better to put it on once the foundation is in place. Concealers are a type of foundation but they have a very high pigment content which means more-stubbornly visible blemishes can be covered. These cosmetics come in stick, cream or liquid formulation. The stick form is heavy and thick in texture. It is very useful in hiding red spider veins and it is packaged like a lipstick for easy use. Cream concealers are usually bought in tubes with convenient sponge applicators making them ideal for covering under-eye shadows. They are of a lighter consistency than the stick type and give a very natural finish. Liquid concealers are very easy to apply and also have a natural finish. Some concealers are medicated and so are ideal for spotty skins.

Concealer should be chosen to be as near to the natural skin colour as possible. It should be applied either with the applicator provided or with a small brush, cotton bud or clean finger tip and very gently blended into the skin. The exception to this is in the case of a medicated concealer which should be applied only to the blemish as it will make normal skin over dry. Concealer can be applied over foundation or for a casual make-up, on its own, under powder.

Powder is usually applied after foundation and concealer. It gives a lovely sheen to the skin, keeps the foundation looking fresh for longer and helps to avoid the 'shiny nose look' by absorbing excess oil. Powder also plays its part as a concealer as it is the most effective way of minimising the appearance of open pores. Loose powder is long lasting and gives a lovely finish. This should be chosen in the colour nearest to the natural skin tone and applied with a big soft brush. Excess powder should then be brushed off in a downward direction or in the same way that fine hair grows on the cheeks and jawline. Compressed powder can be used over foundation or on its own or just carried in a compact for running repairs. It is especially useful for concealing a shiny nose.

A little blusher can really add a healthy, youthful glow to your face. Blusher comes in two main forms: powder and cream. The colour should be chosen according to hair colour and skin tone. Blusher can also be chosen to compliment the rest of your make-up and to go with the season - a lighter colour for summer for example. Powder blusher should be applied over foundation and blusher. Do this with a steady hand and a very light touch and as with foundation blend it in very, very well. Apply the blusher in the middle of the cheek immediately below the eyes. Pin a smile on your face and brush the colour up and outwards towards the temples. Cream blusher can be applied with the fingertips and is usually put on top of  foundation before face powder.

To achieve the best results with make-up it is well worth taking professional advice from a beauty consultant or beautician. The choice of colour, texture and the method of application are all very important and with a little planning and practice well-groomed beauty is within anyone's grasp.