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Two essentials for healthy, glossy hair are a skilful cut and gentle yet thorough cleansing. Pollution, heat from hairdryers, straighteners and the sun, chemicals in haircare products all take their toll on the condition of the hair. Life can be so rushed it is (continued..)

Skin Care
Skin needs to regularly cleansed, toned and moisturised. Cleansing removes the grease secreted by the skin and the everyday pollution which attacks it. Toning helps to remove excess cleanser and grease and refines the pores. Moisturising protects the skin from the stresses of everyday life. Follow these three essential steps using the purest products possible. Your skin will thank you.

Body Care
Talcum powder and bathing products that you can make for yourself from herbs and essential oils.

Hair Care
Make your own natural shampoos and rinses and avoid harsh, drying chemicals. Find your own hair care ingredients in the garden and larder!

Hair Care
Keep your hands and nails smooth and healthy. Raid the kitchen for basic ingredients and have fun pampering yourself with a low cost natural beauty session.

Hand Softening Treatment

Essential oils have long been recognised for their healing and mood enhancing properties. Have a go at extracting your own oils.

Ideas to freshen up your house.

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