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Information on, uses of and how to grow wild marjoram:

Origanum vulgare.


How to grow
Sow seeds in spring or propagate by root division in spring or autumn. This herb is too tall for container growing and it has a very strong taste. Use it sparingly, dried added to pizza and spaghetti dishes.

Soil condition/position
Rich sandy soil 7.5cm deep in water 10cm deep. It can be grown in an ordinary garden i.e. not in running water, but this may not be very successful.

Small shiny rounded leaves on a fleshy stem. Grow to a height of about 30cm. Tiny white flowers in the summer develop into long curved seed pods. The plant has a peppery flavour.

Sweet Marjoram
Sow under glass in sandy soil in early spring. Plant out in early summer in light ,rich soil in a sunny sheltered position. If grown in a container it can be taken indoors for the winter. This is a good herb for meat dishes especially meatloaf and also goes well with marrow and potatoes. Another tasty use for it is to add it to the rice stuffing for green peppers.