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Information on, uses of and how to grow thyme:

Thymus vulgaris.


Thyme has always been associated with strength and happiness. In the Middle Ages it was a symbol of courage and sprigs of it were embroidered onto the clothes of crusaders. It has always been valued for its antiseptic qualities which come from the thymol in it.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Sow the seeds in spring where they are to flower. Thin the seedlings to 30cm apart. Thyme may need to be renewed every 3-4 years as it becomes woody and may lose its flavour. it can also be propagated by cuttings in spring or by root division in spring or autumn.

Soil condition/position
Thyme likes rockeries and sunny positions on well drained soil. If it is grown in a container on a window sill it can be used all year round.

Dark green leaves with pink flowers growing to 15cm in height.

Thyme is used in stuffing especially for poultry. It does have a very strong flavour so add it to meat, fish, soups and stews with caution. It can be used ,finely chopped on potato puree. Hot thyme tea promotes sleep and thyme ointment can help spots.

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