Herbs > Southernwood Herb

Information on, uses of and how to grow southernwood:

Artemisia abrotanum.


Traditionally Southernwood was used as a stimulant and antiseptic. It was an old remedy for baldness.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Southernwood is best propagated by root division in the autumn. Take cuttings of about 15cm and put them 9cm deep in sand. Layering also works. It is suitable for container growing.

Soil condition/position
A sunny, shelter spot is best. Well drained good garden soil is suitable for Southernwood.

This is a woody shrub with hair-like grey/green leaves which smell of lemon. Its tiny yellow flowers are rarely seen in temperate climates.

Tea made from Southernwood needs to be sweetened with honey and the leaves can be bitter. Dried leaves put into a muslin bag will keep away moths. the leaves are also very pretty for flower arrangements.