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Information on, uses of and how to grow Russian tarragon:

Artemesia dracunculoides


Growing pattern

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How to grow
Sow the seeds in spring. Plant the seedlings out 60 cm apart. Cut the plants down in the autumn and protect from frost.

Soil condition/position
Tarragon likes a sunny position and can be grown in containers. It needs dividing every 4 years.

The flavour and texture improves with the age of the plant which grows to 90cm. Two plants are usually enough in the garden. They prefer a good soil. The herb will only set seed in a temperate climate so it is best to take cuttings. It has shiny, narrow leaves and tiny greenish white flowers which only open in a very warm climate. It spreads by underground runners.

Tarragon can be put in green salads. Tarragon vinegar can be made by steeping the fresh herb in wine vinegar. It can be used when cooking roast meat, poultry and fish. It can also be added to butter sauces to go with marrow and artichokes.