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Information on, uses of and how to grow rose (wild dog):

Rose canina.


Historically rosehips have been used in Europe for preserves and syrups. The petals of the flowers have long been used to make perfume or dried for pot -pourri.

Growing pattern
Perennial - will keep on growing for many years.

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How to grow
Can be grown from rooted cuttings in spring or autumn.

Soil condition/position
Grow roses at the back of flower beds up against a trellis or a wall.

Pink or white flowers in summer. Hips follow in autumn and are red and shiny.

Rose petals can be used to make wine and can be candied fro food decoration. When dried they are good for pot-pourri. Dry rosehips for later use. Hips can also be used for wine or rosehip jelly which can be used with meat like cranberry jelly.