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Information on, uses of and how to grow pennyroyal:

Mentha pulegium.


Pennyroyal was grown in pots and taken on voyages by sailors to purify stale drinking water.

Growing pattern
Hardy biennial but usually grown like an annual by re-sowing every spring.

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How to grow
Pennyroyal can be grown from seed. Sow the seeds outside when the soil is warm. Rooted cuttings can be planted 15cm apart.

Soil condition/position
Pennyroyal creeps and likes moist, open places. It may need to be renewed every 3-4 years. It can be container grown and does well on window ledges.

Pennyroyal grows to about 30cm and has clusters of mauve flowers.

This herb is said to repel ants. The dried leaves sewn into a sachet discourage moths and mosquitoes. It can be used in soups and stuffings but handle with care as it has a very strong taste. Must be avoided by pregnant women.