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Information on, uses of and how to grow parsley:

Petrocelinum crispum.


Traditionally used as a food garnish. Probably one of the best known herbs used extensively for many sauces and medicines.

Growing pattern
Hardy biennial but usually grown like an annual by re-sowing every spring.

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How to grow
Sow the seeds where the plants are to grow when the soil has warmed up thin the seedlings out to 20 cm apart and keep well watered if the weather is dry.

Soil condition/position
Sow the seeds in rich, well worked soil. Parsley prefers a sunny position. in a severe winter parsley will need some protection. Usually it will grow happily all year round on the window sill In a container.

An attractive curly leaved plant, parsley can grow to 60 cm in height. There are several different varieties Hamburg, French and curly (the most familiar) being among the best known.

Parsley is very high in vitamin c. It is a very familiar herb, used to decorate savoury dishes. The leaves can be finely chopped for sauces and fish dishes, salads and cooked vegetables. Hot Parsley tea is a tonic and diuretic and is supposed to help rheumatism.