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General information on oxalis (wood sorrel):

Oxalis (perennial)

There are several species of Oxalis which vary quite a lot in appearance and habit.

Oxalis adenophylla has a funnel-shaped flower which blooms during May and June. The attractive foliage has  a crinkled appearance and is grey in colour. Oxalis adenophylla likes a sunny position and a well-drained, light soil. It can tolerate fairly dry conditions. After flowering the leaves disappear. Increase by division in the spring.

Oxalis crysantha has bell-shaped, buttercup-yellow flowers which bloom through the whole summer. Increase by division.

Oxalis enneaphylla Cup-shaped flowers of pure white which bloom in early summer. It is also available in pink and is scented.
Oxalis rosea (floribunda) has rose-pink flowers all summer and grows to about 1 foot in height. It can tolerate quite dry conditions. Increase by division in spring.