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Miniature Trees

Miniature Tree

Miniature Trees
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Have a go at a very basic form of bonsai. Although it will take time it can be a fascinating and ultimately rewarding hobby. Also if you do it yourself you will save lot of money rather than buying ready made bonsai trees which can be expensive.

Miniature trees are very ornamental and make very interesting house plants. If you are lucky miniaturised fruit trees will produce tiny fruits.

If you are ready to try all you need is a grapefruit or orange, some compost, a tree seedling and a knitting needle.

Cut the grapefruit or orange in half and remove the fruit from one half with a spoon. Working from the inside pierce holes in the skin with a knitting needle. Fill the pierced skin with compost and plant the tree seedling. Give it a tiny drop of water. Leave the seedling to grow until roots begin to emerge through the holes in the grapefruit skin.

When the roots begin to poke through simply cut them with a pair of scissors. After the first roots have been trimmed the tree can be shaped by pinching out unwanted shoots. Plant the tree in the grapefruit skin in a pot with plenty of holes in the bottom. Trim the roots at they emerge from the bottom of the pot. Tree seedlings can be found under a mature tree such as an oak or horse chestnut. Alternatively it is possible to grow a conker, an acorn, a sycamore key or pips and stones from various fruits.

Grapefruit, orange and lemon pips can be placed in a sealed polythene bag in moist compost. Place the bag in a warm cupboard and bring it back in the light when the pips begin to shoot. Transplant the tiny trees when the third leaf appears.

If you find that you really enjoy growing miniature trees there are plenty of kits that you can buy to make even more of your new found hobby.