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Information on, uses of and how to grow marshmallow:

Althaea officinalis.

Always valued for its healing properties - for ulcers and for bronchial troubles and as a mild laxative. The dried roots used to be used to flavour marshmallow sweets.

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How to grow
Sow the seeds in autumn. Dig in deeply and space the seedlings when transplanted 45cm apart. Another way is to remove pieces of crown from old plants and set them in soil. Keep well watered until established.

Soil condition/position
Ordinary garden soil is suitable but the plants need protecting during the winter.

A poultice made from the flowers and leaves is said to reduce inflammation. The scraped and peeled root can be made into a decoction for coughs and catarrh and a soothing ointment can be made from the roots. It makes a good face pack for dry skins.