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Information on, uses of and how to grow marigold:

Calendula officinalis.


The marigold originally came from India where it was used to decorate temple altars. It has long been valued as a medicine and for cosmetic and culinary uses.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
The Marigold seeds very well and will come up year after year. Sow the seeds in the spring and thin out the seedlings to 45-60cm apart. The plants will spread out and become bushy.

Soil condition/position
Marigolds prefer light rich soil in a sunny position.

The Marigold is a bright orange or yellow flower with a strong spicy smell.

An infusion of the flowers will soothe tired, swollen feet and an ointment made from the petals is good for soothing the skin. Marigold tea made from the petals is pleasant especially if sweetened with honey. This tea is said to be good for the skin and helpful to the circulation. Fresh petals can be added to rice, cheese and egg dishes. The petals can also be added to custards, Marigold Pie and baked sponge pudding. The fresh petals make a colourful and spicy addition to green salads.

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