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General information on leucojum (snowflake):

Leucojum (perennial)

Leucojum looks a little like the Snowdrop. The earliest flowering species, Leucojum vernum bears bell-shaped white flowers in March.
Propagation: Plant 2 inches deep and 3 inches apart in autumn except for Leucojum autumnale which should be planted in early August. All varieties can be propagated by division at planting time.

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Leucojum vernum; Plant in autumn. This species flowers in March with white, bell-shaped blooms. The petals are tipped with green or yellow and the plant grows to 7 inches in height. it will happily naturalise in grass.
Leucojum aestivum Gravetye. This species is also white but grows to 18 inches tall. it prefers the shade and is good for cutting.
Leucojum autumnale Grows to 6 inches in height and bears white, pink-tipped flowers in October. Plant in early August.