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Information on, uses of and how to grow lemon verbena:

Lippia citriodora.


The plant originated from South America.

Growing pattern
Tender perennial.

How to grow
You need to either buy a plant or take stem cuttings.

Soil condition/position
Soil can be poor and dry but needs a sheltered warm place and will need protecting during the cold weather.

The shrub can grow to 5 feet in height and has long narrow leaves which are highly scented smelling of lemon. It will bloom in late summer the flowers being tiny and white or lilac in colour.

Lemon Verbena can be used in fruit dishes, jellies, punches, added to baked custard or home made ice cream. The leaves dry very well and can be used to make a mildly sedative tea. the leaves can also be put among linen and in pot-pourri. make an infusion of the leaves and add to your bath. An infusion is also said to be good for cleaning the teeth.