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How to grow leek:

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Sow thinly in shallow drills in mid-march.

When the seedlings can be handled, transplant into a bed pf rich soil 4 inches apart.

Keep them watered in dry weather.

When the seedlings reach 6-9 inches, they need to be planted out. Make a trench and put a generous amount of rotted manure into the soil and fill the trench again. make holes 9 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart.

Trim the tops of the leaves off each seedling and drop one into a hole just to the base of its first pair of leaves. Then do not fill in the hole but pour water in to fix the roots. (Leeks can also be grown in trenches as for celery).

Leeks need plenty of water and they can be blanched in late August by draining a little soil up along each side of the rows.

The leeks are ready for use from early September onwards.