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Information on, uses of and how to grow hyssop:

Hyssopus officinale.


Hyssop was used in the Middle East many years B.C. Its main value was for preserving meat and as a cleansing herb. It is one of the herbs which traditionally has been used to flavour Chartreuse liqueur.

Growing pattern
Hardy Perennial Evergreen.

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How to grow
Start hyssop seeds off under glass and when planting out space seedlings 60cm apart. Hyssop will seed itself but cuttings are a more reliable method of replacing your garden supply. It can also be increased by root division in the spring and autumn. Hyssop will grow happily in a container and prefers a light, well-drained soil.

Soil condition/position
Hyssop likes a sunny place. For a continuous supply of leaves cut the plant close to the ground just before the first flowers open.

Hyssop grows to 45cm and has very attractive flowers which grow in spikes and are either deep blue or pink. the flowers are very fragrant and attractive to bees. It has a minty taste and its woody stems have small pointed leaves.

The leaves can be added to salads or to rabbit or lamb stew. Traditionally Hyssop is added to cranberries, stewed peaches and apricots. An infusion of Hyssop makes a good cough remedy and hot Hyssop tea is good for catarrh and colds on the chest.