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Information on, uses of and how to grow horseradish:

(Cochlearia) Armoracia rusticana.


Traditionally Horseradish was used medicinally for rheumatism and chest problems. It should be used with great caution as it can cause inflammation. Horseradish sauce is a well known traditional accompaniment for roast beef.

Growing pattern

How to grow
Buy several horseradish roots and plant in early spring 30cm apart. Water well if the weather is dry.

Soil condition/position
Grow in ridges in rich soil and dig up roots for use in autumn.

A long stalked plant with dark green oval leaves growing up to 1m tall. It has off-white flowers which appear in mid-to-late summer. The roots are very hard to get rid of once the roots are established.

The main use for this herb is to make horseradish sauce by grating the roots.

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