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Information on, uses of and how to grow garlic:

Allium sativum.


In ancient times garlic was believed to strengthen. The labourers who built the Egyptian pyramids ate it daily and Roman soldiers were given it to keep them going on marches and in battle.

Growing pattern
Perennial bulb.

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How to grow
Plant individual cloves in open ground or in pots. If in open ground space them 15cm apart. Place cloves to a depth of 5cm. Keep well watered in dry weather. Harvest in late summer when the green tops die down. Dry the bulbs in a cool airy place and store for use.

Soil condition/position
Garlic prefers a rich, moist soil in a sunny position.

Garlic grows up to 60cm high. The part used is the bulb, which is pale in colour and covered in a white, papery skin. Each bulb is made up of several small cloves.

Used in garlic butter, garlic oil, vinegar and mayonnaise. Add it to mince, lamb and hummus. Try it baked whole - it becomes much milder.

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