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Information on, uses of and how to grow garlic chives:

Allium schoenoprasum.


One type of chive was originally cultivated in China and was probably used throughout Asia.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Chives are grown from seed. It needs to be re-sown every 2-3 years as the flavour tends to diminish. Sow in shallow drills at the beginning of March. Thin the seedlings to 30cm apart. Chives can be grown in a container. In spring or autumn the clumps can be divided and the flowers should always be cut off to maintain flavour for as long as possible.

Soil condition/position
Moist, rich soil. Can be put in pots during the autumn and be brought indoors to provide a winter supply.

Chives grow to 30cm in height and have thin grass like leaves which grow from clumps of tiny bulbs. The flowers are small, round and pale mauve in colour.

Chives are good in omelettes, scrambled eggs and in all sorts of salads. They can be chopped up very finely and sprinkled over cooked new potatoes.