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Information on, uses of and how to grow eyebright:

Euphrasia officinalis.


Has been used for many hundreds of years to treat eye problems.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Eyebright is a European wild flower and does not grow readily in garden conditions. It is also difficult to obtain seeds. Blooms in late summer and is essentially a wild flower. Eyebright is parasitic and relies on the companion planting of grasses to prosper.

Soil condition/position
Eyebright likes grassy patches not well-tilled soil.

Grows to a maximum of 20cm if conditions are right but usually to about 15 cm. The leaves look a bit like tiny nettles and the flowers are white streaked with yellow and violet.

Tea can be made from the whole plant fresh or dried and taken as a tonic or remedy for hay-fever. An infusion of the leaves can be used to bathe tired, sore eyes.