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General information on erythronium (dog's tooth violet):

Erythronium (perennial)

Erythronium does not look at all like the violet. It blooms in early spring with one, two or three cyclamen-like flowers on slim stalks. The attractive foliage is variegated. The colour of the flowers ranges between white, lemon, pink and reddish violet.

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Erythronium should be planted in September 3 inches deep (or 1 inch deeper in light soil) and 8 inches apart. Erythronium appreciates soil which has had leaf mould and peat dug into it but they dislike being kept out of the ground for long periods of time. Established clumps of Erythronium can be divided in September and replanted immediately. If given ideal conditions the plant may propagate by self-sown seedling.

- Erythronium revolutum. White Beauty is a variety which is very good for cutting.
- Erythronium tuolemnense has buttercup yellow flowers on long stems with an attractive yellow/green foliage.