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General information on eranthis (winter aconite):

Eranthis (perennial)

Buttercup-like yellow flowers growing to a height of about 4 inches. Blooms January or February. Eranthis has a frill of leaves just below the petals.

Eranthis bulbs can be bought from The Green Chronicle Online Shop (for U.K. delivery).

Plant Eranthis bulbs in August in a cool area in moist soil. Eranthis naturalises well under trees or hedges.

- Eranthis hyemallis: as described above
- Eranthis alliciae: bronze coloured leaves, shorter stems and broader petals than Eranthis hyemallis. This species of Eranthis blooms later and is more difficult to establish.
- Eranthis tubergeniana: this Eranthis has large deep yellow, fragrant flowers. The flowers are sterile and stay in bloom for longer than the other species.