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Information on, uses of and how to grow dill:

Anethum graveolens.


The word Dill comes from the Saxon word "Dilla" which means soothe. It has long been taken as an aid to digestion and as a tranquillizer.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Sow dill seeds for April to June in a fine tilth. Thin seedlings to 30cm apart. When the flowerheads turn brown the seeds are ripe. Cut the whole plant down and dry the seedheads indoors. Shake the seeds from the seed heads and store in airtight containers.

Soil condition/position
Dill prefers a good garden soil in a sunny position. Harvest the seed heads when brown and then cut the whole plant down.

Dill will grow to 90cm. It has feathery blue/green leaves and deep yellow flowers.

The young flowerheads can be added to salads but be sure to allow some to go to seed. the leaves make an excellent sauce for fish and can be added to salads especially cucumber. Dill leaves chopped finely are and interesting addition to cottage cheese or cream cheese. Dill seeds can be used whole in lamb stew, herb butters, bean soups and pickled cucumbers (Dill Pickles). Traditionally dill seed tea is said to promote sleep and when chewed they can sweeten the breath.

Dill Fernleaf: A shorter variety growing to 45 cm with dark green leaves.