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General information on daffodils & narcissi bulbs:

Narcissus (perennial)

The flower is trumpet-shaped surrounded by a halo of smaller petals. Daffodils range in colour from a deep yellow to pure white. The leaves are long and slender and of a fairly pale green. The plant can grow to about 14" depending on variety.

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Daffodils grow from bulbs which should be planted between late August and early October. The earlier they are planted the more chance they have to grow strong roots before the winter. The bulbs should be planted 6" apart and not too shallowly. Cover the bulb with soil 1.5 - 2 times the length of the bulb. In a very light soil increase this to 2 - 2.5 times.
After flowering do not tie the leave in knots but remove them as soon as they come away easily in the hand. Fill up any channel down to the bulb with soil to prevent the Narcissus fly from laying eggs. Most varieties are lifted every 3 - 4 years unless the blooms are still good and there is no sign of overcrowding. Lift the bulbs in late June or early July once the leaves can be easily pulled away. Separate any new bulbs from the old and replant immediately. Alternatively all the bulbs can be stored in a cool dry place until the end of August/beginning of September.

Some popular varieties: King Alfred, Dutch Master, Golden Harvest or Carlton.