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Information on, uses of and how to grow cumin:

Cuminum cyminum.


Growing pattern

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How to grow
Cumin can be grown from seed. Sow the seeds outside when the soil is warm. Allow the seedlings to develop quite close together as this will give support to the heavy seed heads. Cut the seedheads when they turn brown and finish drying them indoors.

Soil condition/position
Sow the seeds in rich soil in a warm, sheltered place.

Cumin is a tall slender plant with thin dark green leaves and pink or white tiny flowers. it can grow up to 60cm tall.

The seeds of cumin are used for flavouring especially meat casseroles and lentil soup. Use the whole seed when cooking cabbage or kidney beans. Mix whole seeds into mashed potatoes, bread, biscuits, cakes, pickles and chutneys.