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General information on crocus bulbs:

Crocus (perennial)

Brightly coloured bud-shaped spring flowers.

Crocus bulbs can be bought from The Green Chronicle Online Shop (for U.K. delivery).

Crocus bulbs should be planted from September to November in a rich loamy soil. The Crocus bulbs should be planted 3 inches deep. The bulbs can be lifted and divided every third year after the leaves have withered.

Large Dutch Crocuses
These should be planted in September or October at a depth of 3 inches, spacing each bulb 2 inches apart. If the Crocus bulbs are to be planted for indoor display they should be planted about 1 inch apart and about 2 inches deep.

Amethyst - amethyst blue.
Enchantress - mauve-lilac
Gladstone - deep purple.
Mikado - silver grey with purple stripes.
Snow Storm - white.
Striped Beauty - ash grey with mauve stripes.

Species Crocus
These Crocuses are very easy to grow and require the same conditions as the larger Crocuses. There are Species Crocuses that flower in autumn, winter or early spring. As long as they are planted near some form of shelter they will withstand most weather conditions. They are also ideal for tubs and window boxes.

Crocus tomasinianus will increase rapidly by means of self-sown seedlings.

Autumn Flowering
These Crocuses need to be planted in August for autumn flowering.