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Reader q&a on comfrey problems:

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We planted a comfrey plant 20 years ago, and it has slowly taken over our garden. We would prefer not to use any chemicals, but want to control it. We tried black plastic, but it smothered it under the plastic but then came up all around the edges, and spiraled outward from there! Help! any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

The Green Chronicle replies...

you quite obviously have a rather aggressive variety of comfrey in your garden. I suggest that you try mowing the comfrey vigorously wherever and whenever it shows itself. That might at least slow it down or even stop its spread. The only other way that I can think of to combat it is to dig it up. Take a fork and try to remove as much of the root system as you can - do it persistently, because you will miss some and comfrey propagates from root sections of an inch or less!
On the up side comfrey makes an excellent addition to a compost heap; a good liquid feed for tomatoes (and many other plants); is good animal fodder - especially for chickens; and is reputed to be a good healing herb, hence its old English name: knitbone.
Good luck, & I hope you can resist the temptation to use a herbicide.