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Information on, uses of and how to grow comfrey:

Symphytum officinale.


For many centuries Comfrey has been regarded as a healing herb. Also known as "Knit Bone" it has been used for mending broken bones and for open wounds, cuts and bruises.

Growing pattern

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How to grow
Sow Comfrey seeds early in spring in the flowering position. Thin the seedlings to 30-40cm.

Soil condition/position
Comfrey thrives in damp soil but will grow almost anywhere. It will reseed itself. It is not suitable for container growing. The young leaves should be picked throughout the season. Dig up the roots in the autumn.

This plant is tall and wide spreading. It has big, coarse leaves and its flowers which are blue or creamy white grow in spikes and bloom all summer. Comfrey reaches a height of 60-90cm.

Comfrey is a very good composting plant and makes a good mulch to put around other herbs. It can also be made into a liquid fertilizer. All parts of the plant have healing properties. The leaves can be made into an ointment or poultice and used for rheumatic pain and bruises.

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